I need a face for Logan Wright for an RP that isn’t Aaron C Page or Alex Pettyfer. I’m really picky, but these are the things I’m looking for for him:

  • Blond hair, kind of long-ish. Around the same length as Chris Colfer’s, maybe a bit longer. THIS IS REQUIRED.
  • Green eyes. The greener the better, but I don’t really care to much about this.
  • Tall and skinny. Model-like build, I guess? Not super scrawny, just… lean?
  • High quality pictures, and at least a good amount of them.

I’m really picky, but this would mean a lot to me if you guys would help.

  1. roryandthedoctor answered: I like Boyd Holbrook. Sometimes he has long hair though, like between chin and shoulder length but there are many of him with shorter hair.
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